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Small Gears

Just as with all fine mechanical assembly groups and fine mechanical systems we produce, we use the highest quality standards for our small gears.

In many areas, there is a trend towards miniaturisation. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear this term is of course the revolution that was started by the miniaturisation of electronic components.

In the world of classic mechanical technology, this development is becoming ever more important and is unstoppable.

Small gears

Small gears with high efficiency – small gears and fine mechanical assembly groups

The need for small gears is constantly growing and the number of application areas is expanding. From medical engineering and construction of models to robotics and automobile engineering, there is a wide range of uses.

Engelbert Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik GmbH produces complete small gears according to customer specifications and manufactures precision engineered components for small gears and entire assembly groups.

From the initial concept and production of punching parts and gear cutting parts to construction of entire fine mechanical assembly groups

As a specialist for fine mechanics, we have comprehensive experience in the manufacturing of precision engineering components and fine mechanical systems.

We also use this experience and thorough technical expertise in the production of small gears. The newest CAD/CAM technology and a modern machine park ensure precise implementation and production of small gears.


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