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Screw Machine Parts of the Highest Quality

The most modern technology and CNC automatic lathes are used in the production of our screw machine parts.

One of our strengths is the manufacturing of screw machine parts on our automatic lathes and automatic turning lathes. These are based on customer draughts according to which we produce screw machine parts which win over customers with their precision and accuracy.

We manufacture screw machine parts with diameters ranging from 2 to 14 mm, including any subsequent or further processing that might be required, such as gear cutting and rolling.

Automatic turning parts

Low costs even for small quantities – screw machine production from experts for fine mechanics, Engelbert Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik GmbH

We specialise in orders in small or medium-sized series and have optimised our processes accordingly. By using CNC automatic lathes, it is possible to economically produce a wide range of screw machine parts according to customer specifications, even in small quantities.

From comprehensive consulting to development to implementation, our experience and expertise in the field of precision engineering are the priority for our customers.

Extensive possibilities in post-production – we make your screw machine part a reality.

The post-production options for our precise screw machine parts produced in our various specialty departments are numerous and allow us to meet a wide range of customers’ needs.

Among the most frequently requested techniques for post-production processing of our precision engineering components are punching, bending, drilling, thread cutting, reaming, countersinking and rolling – plus, we offer many more post-processing options.


Cooperation with customers is our top priority – Engelbert Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik GmbH, your reliable partner for fine mechanics and precision engineering

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