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Precision at its finest: measuring mechanisms, small gears, automatic turning parts, assemblies & much more

Precision is what we do best. For more than 50 years, Engelbert Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik GmbH has stood for superior quality and accuracy. Our strengths lie in small to mid-size series; we develop and manufacture to order. Whenever you need precision assemblies, components or systems – count on Sellmaier as your trusted partner.

“Good things come in small packages” is our motto. Our calling is measuring mechanisms, small gears, precision engineering components and systems, movements, automatic turning parts, gears and geared parts.

If you are looking for someone to take on the big challenge of creating top-quality small components, look no further than Sellmaier.

Precision engineering components from Sellmaier – small in size, but enormous in terms of quality

Approximately 80 staff manufacture precision engineering components and systems in our two state-of-the-art production halls. We develop and produce to order or to your own specifications. Although most of our customers come from Germany, Austria and the area around Salzburg, we are happy to serve a wide range of international clients, as well. We employ quality management pursuant to EN ISO 9001: 2015 in order to maintain our high level of quality.

Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik stands for:

  • flexibility and very fast response times
  • above-average customer focus
  • competitive price-performance ratio
  • top-quality products made in Germany
  • the highest precision

Our products – from precision engineering components to entire systems

We think in hundredths of millimetres – sometimes even smaller! But despite being tiny in dimension, our products are integral in many industries. Size and weight may not play a major role in our business – but precision, quality and durability do.

This is reflected, for example, in our automatic turning parts. We use state-of-the-art technology and CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes to manufacture these parts – turning customer drafts into parts that you can count on for many years.

You can also expect this from our high-precision punching and bending parts such as those produced in our modern stamping shop. These precision engineering components create precision mechanical assemblies that meet or exceed all your expectations. The same applies to gear parts and (precision) gears from Sellmaier. The heart of every gearbox, our gears always leave our production hall with excellent quality.

We can gladly manufacture complete small gears for you upon request. These are the answer to the ever-growing trend towards miniaturisation, even in the world of traditional mechanical engineering. Here, too, we naturally apply the highest quality standards.

Our motion works and measuring mechanisms are characterised by high accuracy and excellent workmanship. Precision mechanical components like these are essential for measuring mechanical quantities – even in times of increasing digitalisation.

Top quality products made in Germany form the basis of our precision engineering assemblies. These assemblies prove that the whole is much more than just the sum of its parts. The perfect interplay between all Sellmaier components guarantees the functionality and long life of the final product.


Proficiency and experience – trust our expertise in precision mechanics!

Benefit from our more than 50 years in the production and development of precision engineering components. From complex precision assemblies to – what only seem like – simple parts: our experts will take your expectations and make them a reality with their professional knowledge and incredible eye for detail.

Would you like to learn more about our products including automatic turning parts, movements, small gears and geared parts? Can we help you in the design and production of your precision assemblies? Whatever your needs for precision and quality: the professionals at Engelbert Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik GmbH are ready to take on the challenge.


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