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Punching Parts and Bending Parts

In our modern punching shop we produce punching parts, bending parts, formed parts and much more – plus a wide range of post-production and further processing is possible.

Many precision engineered components for fine mechanical assembly groups and systems are produced in our punching shop. Thanks to our in-house production of precision engineering components we are always on the safe side when it comes to quality, accuracy and adherence to schedules.

In our punching shop we also produce individual precision engineered punching parts as per customer draughts.

Punching Parts and Bending Parts

Modern technology meets years of experience – precision engineering components from the Engelbert Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik GmbH punching shop

A large range of precision engineering components such as our more than 2,000 various measuring movements and movements are produced in our punching shop. The foundation of our company is our healthy employees and for this reason it goes without saying that our automatic punching presses are soundproofed.

We process sheets and bands from 0.05 – 3.00 mm thick. With our machine park, we are able to produce punching parts with a cutting pressure of up to 60 tons.

From the initial concept to manufacturing of punching parts and bending parts – we will find the perfect solution for you

Thanks to our in-house tool making department, we can be extremely flexible. The construction plans for complete cutting, bending and progressive die tools are created on CAD/CAM work stations and produced completely and directly in our plant using modern machine tools.

Years-long experience and flexibility in the assembly of fine mechanical systems

Thanks to our years of experience in fine mechanics and tool making, we are especially flexible – challenges in precision engineering components and fine mechanical assembly groups are an incentive for us. Do you have questions regarding a specific project? Then send us your enquiry today!